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Organisation Chart 组织架构

The affairs of the Foundation are managed by the Board of Directors (the Legal Representative), the Sangha Council (the Sangha Representative), and the Consultative Council (the Laity Representative) respectively under the guidance and auspices of Venerable Master Huimen. The Board of Directors and the Councils are each prescribed with respective powers, roles and responsibilities, reflecting a healthy Sangha-laity interdependence.

在尊敬的慧门禅师指导和主持下,本基金会的事务分别由董事会(法人代表)、僧伽理事会(僧伽代表)、咨询理事会(居士代表)管理。 董事会和理事会具有各自的权限、角色和责任,反映僧伽与居士之间相辅相成的关系。