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Objective 宗旨


Buddha Sasana Foundation is a non-profit making organization registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 (Company limited by guarantee and not having share capital) with the following objectives:-

  • Propagate the Education, Research and Studies in the Teachings of Buddha Dharma, the development and preservation of Buddhist Culture & Artifacts.
  • Countenance the Buddhist Pilgrimages and Practitioners in the advancement of Buddha Dharma studies, cultivation and practice.
  • Promote the programs of peace, compassion and mutual respect through worldwide cooperation, interaction and goodwill.

马来西亚佛陀教育基金会 (1010137-X)


  • 推广佛陀教育的修学、 考证与研究, 以及其硬体和软体的发展及佛教文物的保藏。
  • 推广佛教徒的朝圣以及提升修者、 行者对于佛陀教育的研习、 修行和实践。
  • 通过全球合作、 人事互动和相互尊重的项目于实现慈悲祥和的环境.